Whitehelm Capital Listed Core Infrastructure Fund


The Whitehelm Listed Core Infrastructure Fund (the Fund) provides investors with a liquid exposure to the same sorts of infrastructure assets that it invests in privately.

Infrastructure is a large and growing part of global investment markets. It offers strong, stable investment returns, cash yield, diversification, less exposure to economic downturns and some inflation protection. Future market growth will be driven by the need to expand and replace aging infrastructure that can no longer be funded from government budgets.

Whitehelm uses a strict investment policy, investing only in ‘core’ infrastructure assets that have a conservative capital structure and a sustainable cash flow yield. This ensures the Fund has a diversified portfolio of quality assets that have clear and measurable cashflows.

This Fund uses a thorough investment process to ensure that each stock is assessed against the same criteria used to assess infrastructure in private markets, including stable operational cashflows, inflation linkage, high capital cost and operating margin, monopoly characteristics and low correlation with economic activity.


Share Classes

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Investment Manager

Whitehelm Capital is one of the largest, independent global infrastructure fund managers, with an outstanding track record over more than 20 years. It is focused on building and managing quality portfolios that deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns. Whitehelm offers investment capabilities across a range of areas including unlisted infrastructure, listed infrastructure, infrastructure debt, emerging markets infrastructure, property and advisory.

Important Information

The Whitehelm Listed Core Infrastructure Fund (the “Fund”), is a fund of Fidante Partners Liquid Strategies ICAV (the “ICAV”), an open-ended umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as a UCITS pursuant to the Directive 2009/65/EC of the European Parliament, as implemented in Ireland.

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The prospectus, supplement and KIID, as well as the latest annual and half-yearly reports and constitutional documents regarding the fund are available in English on this website; the Registrar and Transfer Agent for the Fund, J.P. Morgan Bank (Ireland) plc, JP Morgan House, IFSC, Dublin 1, IRELAND; or Fidante Partners Europe Limited, 1 Tudor Street, London, EC4Y 0AH, UNITED KINGDOM at clientservices-europe@fidante.com.

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The Fund invests principally in financial derivative instruments for investment purposes and for hedging and efficient portfolio management purposes. Please see the Prospectus, Supplement and the KIID for the Fund.