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Partner with Us

Fidante has a history of forming long term alliances with talented investment teams to support and grow specialist investment management businesses. Through these strategic partnerships, we’re able to provide investors with some of the world’s most compelling investment strategies.

How Fidante helps you grow faster through partnership

A partnership between Fidante and talented investment professionals is designed to deliver best-in-class investment outcomes to investors. Our teams of investment management experts across distribution, product & marketing, operations, administration and compliance enable each affiliate to focus on doing what they do best: investment management.

Services offered to Fidante’s specialist investment managers include:

Distribution, Product & Marketing  Administration  Partnership & Equity
  • Asset consultant and researcher relationships 
  • Strategic positioning
  • Product development and management 
  • Brand development and marketing support 
  • Client service 
  • Responsible entity (management company) 
  • Investment operations
  • Client operations
  • Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Company secretarial
  • Fund administration
  • Equity participation (non-controlling interest) 
  • Business planning, budgeting, strategic development, succession planning 

What we look for in a partner

Fidante wants to build long term strategic partnerships with high quality investment managers who have delivered long term track records in investment strategies that Fidante believes will have broad market appeal in the jurisdictions where we provide distribution services.  


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