Global Equities

Alphinity Investment Management


Alphinity Investment Management (Alphinity) is an active equities investment manager with dedicated teams managing both Australian and Global equity funds, using a distinctive combination of fundamental analysis and specific quantitative inputs.

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Avenir Capital

Avenir Capital

Avenir Capital (Avenir) is an Australian based investment manager, specialising in value-oriented global equity investments. 

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ALPH 202010 Responsible Investing

A Decade of Responsible Investing

The Alphinity team share their insights on the three biggest shifts in responsible investing since 2010.

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ALPH 202010 Decade on

10 Years On - Much has Changed, Much Remains the Same

On Alphinity's 10 year anniversary, Alphinity’s principals reflect on the changing investment landscape and greatest successes of the business.

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ALPH 202010 Research

Research in Uncertain Times

How do travel restrictions and remote working affect the Alphinity team's research effort and information gathering?

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