Global Equities

Alphinity Investment Management


Alphinity Investment Management (Alphinity) is an active equities investment manager with dedicated teams managing both Australian and Global equity funds, using a distinctive combination of fundamental analysis and specific quantitative inputs.

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Avenir Capital

Avenir Capital

Avenir Capital (Avenir) is an Australian based investment manager, specialising in value-oriented global equity investments. 

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Impax Asset Management

IMPAX 205x160

Impax Asset Management (Impax) is a specialist asset manager, investing in the opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

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IMPA 202106 China Five Year Plan

China's Five-Year Plan: A Missed Opportunity or More to Come?

Big things were expected on the climate agenda at the National People's Congress. So how did environmental objectives fare, and do we now have more clarify on China's route to net zero? Impax Asset Management discuss. Read more
IMPA 202106 Corporate Net Zero

Corporate Net Zero: We Need a More Sophisticated Approach

Impax Asset Management discuss how the private sector holds the key to decarbonising the economy over the next quarter century.  Read more
IMPA 202106 Built In Bias

Built-in Bias: What Investors Should Know

Impax Asset Management discuss how companies and investors can spot bias in technology and take steps to eradicate it. Read more