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Ardea Investment Management

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Ardea Investment Management (Ardea) is a specialist fixed income investment boutique with a focus on delivering consistent alpha to clients through an investment process supported by a highly intuitive risk system.

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Bentham Asset Management


Bentham Asset Management (Bentham) is a specialist global fixed interest and credit investment manager. Bentham actively manages a number of high yielding funds with varying risk profiles. The portfolios are designed to generate income while diversifying risk in global credit markets.

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Kapstream Capital

Kapstream Capital

Kapstream Capital (Kapstream) combines capital preservation techniques with unconstrained portfolio management skills in the pursuit of stable, absolute returns.

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Linkers surge on UK inflation shock: a British history lesson

Ardea discuss the surge on UK inflation linked bonds and benefit to Australian investors over the past 12 months.

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Two Charts we are Watching Closely Right Now

Ardea discuss three questions: What are the most important charts we are watching? What are they currently telling us? What are the implications for investors?

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Unknown Unknowns

For Kapstream Capital, portfolios continue to be driven by what we don't know, what we know and what we'll likely miss. 

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