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Ardea Investment Management

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Ardea Investment Management (Ardea) is a specialist fixed income investment boutique with a focus on delivering consistent alpha to clients through an investment process supported by a highly intuitive risk system.

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Ares Australia Management

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Ares Australia Management is an investment manager focused on fixed income (credit) and alternative strategies across private equity and real estate.

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Bentham Asset Management


Bentham Asset Management (Bentham) is a specialist global fixed interest and credit investment manager. Bentham actively manages a number of high yielding funds with varying risk profiles. The portfolios are designed to generate income while diversifying risk in global credit markets.

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CIP Asset Management


The CIP Asset Management Fixed Income team is a fundamentally driven, active investment manager that adopts a long-term focus. The team aims to provide diversified sources of income by seeking opportunities in both the public and private sectors, whilst maintaining capital stability.

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Kapstream Capital

Kapstream Capital

Kapstream Capital (Kapstream) combines capital preservation techniques with unconstrained portfolio management skills in the pursuit of stable, absolute returns.

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A Short Insight on Opportunities in Alternative Credit

Ares Management explains how noise surrounding CLOs (collateralised loan obligations) and their fundamental risk is obscuring some important signals on the relative value opportunity to investing in CLOs. Read more

Model Uncertainty and Risk Models

In their first epidsode of the Ardea Quantitative Research Series, Ben Alexander, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Ardea Investment Management joins Dr Laura Ryan as they share insights into the risk model used in the Ardea portfolio construction process.

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From Winter Springs Summer

Kapstream Capital break down and consider the headline risk and return components of all fixed income strategies. Read more