Fidante Capital

Our experienced capital markets team has built up a broad investor network by aligning investor needs with new product opportunities. 


With its comprehensive range of capital markets services, and knowledge and experience built up over many years, Fidante attracts high-quality listed alternatives managers and is therefore well placed to match investors with a range of alternatives investment options.

Corporate Finance

  • Ongoing strategic advice
  • Structuring services
  • Corporate broking
  • Fund-raising, corporate actions, mergers and acquisition

Fidante Capital’s corporate finance team brings a wealth of experience in providing advisory and structuring services to a range of corporates, issuers and fund structures.

The team has established long-term relationships within the investment companies sector, leading to more than 100 listed fund transactions. This includes fundraisings and corporate actions, as well as merger and acquisitions advisory for asset managers.

Fidante Capital is approved as a sponsor to listed funds by the FCA. The team’s experience further extends to advising companies on the Listing Rules and Takeover Code as part of transactions, and on an ongoing basis.

Distribution and Marketing

  • Relationships with a diverse network of institutional and wealth management investors
  • Understanding of investor requirements
  • Development of messaging and marketing materials

By focusing on understanding investor requirements and delivering innovation, Fidante Capital’s rigorous distribution process means it can provide access to products and markets that address the needs of both investment managers and investors. This experience and expertise has underpinned a number of successful capital raisings for primary and secondary issuance of listed funds within the alternative investment space.

With the help of its experienced marketing and communications team, Fidante Capital supports advisers and investment managers by developing their messaging and materials to enhance comprehension and transparency for their investors.

Alternatives Research

  • Extensive coverage of primary and secondary market developments
  • Insightful research into listed funds
  • Covers the credit, real estate, private equity, hedge funds and infrastructure sectors

The Fidante Capital research team offers a depth of knowledge and experience across the listed alternative fund sector. This is reflected in our array of insightful and specialist publications on the credit, real estate, private equity, hedge funds and infrastructure sectors.

 The research team’s strong relationship with the managers of the companies it covers allows them to spend a considerable amount of time with them fully assessing and understanding their businesses and investment processes, the performance of their products as well as the associated risks.

In-depth qualitative and quantitative due diligence is carried out which takes into consideration the organisational and operational aspects of the fund management groups, and how they implement their investment strategies and manage their portfolios. To carry out a quantitative assessment, the team has developed an extensive fund performance database that includes data sourced from third-party providers and proprietary contacts, and analytic tools with a wide range of performance metrics.

 The research and distribution teams work closely together to assess investor and investment manager needs, with the aim of developing a pipeline of products that is expected to meet these requirements.

Market Making

  • Provides liquidity in a typically illiquid sector
  • Specialises in London-listed alternative funds
  • Provides market making and dealing services
  • Covers 105 lines of stock

The Fidante Capital market making team specialises in providing market making and dealing services for London-listed alternative funds in the hedge fund, infrastructure, credit, real estate and private equity sectors. Our extensive investor network means we can provide natural liquidity in a typically illiquid sector. Fidante Capital effects trades between clients on an agency basis or as principal.

Market making, principal, agency, SETS, UK domestic and IOB:

Firm Code:    229
Crest Code:    601
Member Mnemonic:    FIDA
Member ID:    FIDAGB21
DTC Code:    443
Euroclear Bank Code:    91932

To View the Fidante Partners Order Handling Policy please click here.

Corporate Broking 

  • High quality, comprehensive corporate broking services
  • Committed to a partnership approach

Fidante Capital’s corporate broking/ investor relations service, led by the corporate finance team, provides expert investor relations, sales, marketing, research and proactive corporate advice that is differentiated from a traditional corporate brokerage service through the calibre of the team and its commitment to a partnership approach.

With a good understanding of manager and fund considerations, and by working closely with the distribution team, the highly experienced team assists each client in achieving its targets while meeting investor requirements.


Alternative Credit and Financing

Chenavari logo



IPO and further fund raise
Sole bookrunner and financial adviser

Total raised: €174m


Blackstone/GSO Loan Financing


IPO and further fund raise
Joint financial adviser, global co-ordinator and bookrunner

Total raised: €301.2m

GSO logo

Carador Income Fund                       


C shares
Joint UK sponsor, financial adviser and placing agent

Total raised: $277m


CVC logo

CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities


IPO and further fund raise
Lead placing agent

Total raised: €541m

Neuberger Berman logo

NB Global Floating Rate Income Fund


IPO and further fund raise
Joint bookrunner and financial adviser

Total raised: $2bn

Credit Suisse logo

DCG Iris                                   


White-labelled fund
IPO and C shares
Sole sponsor and bookrunner

Total raised: £69m


Chenavari logo

Chenavari Capital Solutions            


Sole bookrunner

Total raised: £130m

Starwood logo

Starwood European Real Estate Finance


IPO and further placings
Joint Sponsor, financial adviser and bookrunner

Total raised: £307m

Ranger logo

Ranger Direct Lending Fund            


C shares
Joint bookrunner

Total raised: £16.1m

Private Equity

Augmentum Fintech plc


Sole financial adviser, bookrunner and joint sponsor

Total raised: £94m

Real Assets / Infrastructure

AEW logo

AEW UK REIT UK core property


Sponsor, financial adviser and sole bookrunner

Total raised: £123m

Empiric logo

Empiric Student Property                 


Joint financial adviser, sole sponsor, global co-ordinator and bookrunner

Total raised: £85m

Next Energy logo

NextEnergy Solar Fund Limited


Equity placings
Joint bookrunner

Total raised: £180m


AEW UK Long Lease REIT


Sponsor, financial adviser and sole bookrunner

Total raised: £80.5m


Hedge Funds

Pershing Capital logo

Pershing Square Holdings


IPO and Bond Issue
Placing agent

Total raised: $2.73bn + $1bn

Blue Crest logo

BlueCrest BlueTrend


IPO and further fund raises
Sole sponsor, financial adviser and placing agent

Total raised: $293m

Blue Crest logo

Bluecrest AllBlue Fund


(Now known as Highbridge Multi-strategy Fund Limited)
Joint bookrunner

Total raised: £432m


Aurora logo

Dexion Absolute


White-labelled fund
IPO and C shares

Total raised: £1.3bn

Brevan Howard logo

BH Global


Joint bookrunner

Total raised: $1.1bn






DW Catalyst Fund


(Previously BH Credit Catalysts Limited)
Sole bookrunner

Total raised: $162m