Buy Hold Sell: 5 ex-20 Stocks on a High

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Buy Hold Sell: 5 ex-20 Stocks on a High

WaveStone Capital

Some investors like the idea of treating the stock market like an extended fishing trip. They’ll carefully pick their spot (think investment universe), patiently wait for the right opportunity, and aggressively reel it in when the time comes and hope that it’s a big one.

For others, that approach may incite the reaction from the famous meme “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and instead favour buying stocks that are already running hard. We call them momentum traders.

In this episode, we’ve picked out five ex-20 companies the market loves right now, but we’ve also got Catherine Allfrey of WaveStone Capital to apply a qualitative overlay over the bullish behaviour of Altium, Northern Star Resources, and Pro Medicus.

Is chasing these momentum stocks akin to falling for the hook, line and sinker? Catherine discusses that question here, and also brings her two best ideas in an uptrend but offering good value.

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