Buy Hold Sell: 6 Stocks for 10 Years

WAVE 202011 BHS Six for Ten Years

Buy Hold Sell: 6 Stocks for 10 Years

WaveStone Capital

Short-term market volatility has been on the mind of Livewire contributors, but on a long-term view, the market often proves rational. With the rise of passive investing and widely skewed valuations, many investors are looking for stocks that they can ‘set and forget’.

Long investment horizons remove the influence of market hype. As fundamentals and long-term trends take the main stage, quality companies rise to the top.

Here, Mathew Kidman from Centennial Funds leads the discussion on those stocks you can ‘leave in the drawer’ and find a nice gain some years down the track. Joined by Catherine Allfrey from WaveStone Capital, the panel considers 6 popular stocks including Afterpay, Woodside Petroleum, and CSL Ltd, and whether they see value in holding them for the next 10 years.

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