The Importance of Infrastructure in the Transition to Low Carbon: Part Three

Infrastructure and Climate Change Part Three


The Importance of Infrastructure in the Transition to Low Carbon

Part Three: Investing into Infrastructure for Climate Change

Whitehelm Capital

In the first part of this three-part series, Whitehelm looked at just how worrying the current situation for climate change is, emphasising that a serious, global, and coordinated effort is required urgently to avoid disaster. Infrastructure has a key role to play in this effort as a sector which is both due to be impacted by climate change and a major carbon emitter. In the previous, second part of the series, Whitehelm examined the various costs and risks which the investor needs to understand in order to successfully navigate the infrastructure asset class.

In this third and final part of the series Whitehelm shifts its focus more fully onto the investor, considering how markets are already changing in response to climate change, before reflecting on what concrete steps investors need to take in order to successfully navigate the infrastructure asset class.





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