Investment Opportunities in Water and Bioenergy Infrastructure

Bioenergy Infrastructure


The Australian water and bioenergy infrastructure sectors can provide significant investment opportunities and attractive risk/return characteristics for institutional investors and superannuation funds. These include delivery of consistent and low-risk annuity-style cashflow returns from real assets with long-term revenue and cost visibility; sources of sustainable yield to complement other income generators in portfolios; and the ability to
marry attractive risk-adjusted returns with delivery of socially useful outcomes.

Resonance Asset Management recently hosted an in-depth seminar-style discussion of these opportunities with leaders in the sector, designed to provide a granular understanding of the mid-scale water and bioenergy infrastructure investment opportunities and how to access these long-term annuity-style investments. Presenters included Shahana McKenzie, Chief Executive of Bioenergy Australia; Daniel Lambert, Australasia Water Lead at multinational
professional services firm Arup; and Arun Sharma, Global Lead: Build-Own-Operate with Anaergia, a world leader in sustainable waste management solutions.

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