Australian Property

Are Concerns About Housing Prices Overblown?

Merlon Capital’s Hamish Carlisle shares his thoughts on the Australian housing market.

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Real Estate Online

Value vs Glamour: Real Estate Classifieds

Merlon Capital’s Hamish Carlisle presents the case for Fairfax Media over REA Group

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US Housing

Today's RMBS Opportunity Deconstructed

In an article for Structured Credit Investor, WyeTree’s Judith Sciamma outlines the investment case for US RMBS.

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Stockholm image

Alphinity On the Road - Nordic Financials

Australia isn't the only country with a housing problem - Alphinity deep dive into the Nordic financials

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Tech money

Funny Money in Silicon Valley

Alphinity Global's Lachlan MacGregor shares his insights on a new reporting trend emerging among the tech titans.

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Two Charts we are Watching Closely Right Now

Ardea discuss three questions: What are the most important charts we are watching? What are they currently telling us? What are the implications for investors?

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Alphinity On the Road - US Health Care

With a high level of uncertainty around US health care policy, Alphinity Global take a closer look at the sector. 

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Unknown Unknowns

For Kapstream Capital, portfolios continue to be driven by what we don't know, what we know and what we'll likely miss. 

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New Year - New Beginnings!

Kapstream Capital take a look at the themes emerging for markets in 2017. 

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Aged Care

Aged Care

In the December quarterly update, NovaPort Capital discuss the Aged Care sector, government funding and the ongoing need for this sector.

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