Proterra and Fidante Partnership

Fidante's European Business Partners with Proterra to Provide European Investors Access to the Rapidly Growing Opportunity in Asian Food

Fidante Partners Europe has partnered with Proterra Investment Partners, a leading private equity fund manager focused on the food and agribusiness sectors, to provide European investors with access to Asia’s thriving and resilient food sector. Read more


Whitehelm Capital Towards Sustainability Label

Whitehelm Capital Listed Core Infrastructure Fund Becomes First Listed Core Infrastructure Fund to be Awarded ‘Towards Sustainability’ Label

Whitehelm Capital’s Listed Core Infrastructure Fund becomes the first listed core infrastructure fund to be awarded the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label, awarded by the Central Labelling Agency (CLA) of Belgian SRI Label and developed on the initiative of Febelfin.  Read more
Whitehelm Capital: The Climate Responsibilities of Debt Investors

Whitehelm Capital The Climate Responsibilities of Debt Investors

When it comes to climate risk, is there any difference between debt and equity investors?  Whitehelm Capital's latest feature article looks at what climate risk is and how it is measured.   Read more
FIDA 202009 ESG Investing

ESG Investing: Operational Excellence in Real Assets - Part 1 Planning and Development

In part one of a three-part series, Fidante explores the operational challenges of ESG integration in real assets and focuses on the most important steps investors need to take to integrate ESG criteria throughout the lifecycle of a real asset investment.   Read more
WHIT 202007 Airports main image

Airports: Buy, Hold or Sell?

With lockdowns across the globe slowly lifting and signs that global economies are emerging from hibernation, is now the time to invest in airports? Whitehelm Capital's Ursula Tonkin shares her views.

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Whitehelm Capital Power of Digital

Pandemic Punch and the Power of Digital

Whitehelm Capital's latest feature article, Pandemic Punch and the Power of Digital, looks at the importance of infrastructure swiftly adapting to societal changes and how this has been most apparent with the power of digital infrastructure.
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Whitehelm Capital Smart Cities

Whitehelm Capital Announces Deal with SiFi Networks

An investment of up to $450 million by Whitehelm Capital managed Smart City Infrastructure Fund will be used to expand fibre optic networks across the USA Read more
Kerry Duffain Joins Fidante Europe

Fidante Partners Europe Strengthens Distribution Team

Fidante welcomes Kerry Duffain to its distribution team in London. 

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WHIT 20200520 Diversification Black Swan 2

How Diversification, Infrastructure can Offset 'Black Swan' Risks

Whitehelm Capital's Ursula Tonkin discusses the importance of diversification in portfolios, both across asset classes and within them.

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Whitehelm Capital_Resilience of Infrastructure

Resilience of Infrastructure in Uncertain Times

In this article Whitehelm Capital look at how infrastructure investments have performed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more


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