An airbag for your equity strategy

WaveStone Capital explore the benefits of a variable beta fund and how it works.

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WaveStone Case Study - Blending variable beta and long only strategies

WaveStone Capital discuss the outcome of blending a variable beta strategy with a long only fund.

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NovaPort Fund Manager of Year

Fund Manager of the Year 2017

NovaPort Capital win the Fund Manager of the Year 2017 Australian Equities (Small Cap) award.

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British flag

Linkers surge on UK inflation shock: a British history lesson

Ardea discuss the surge on UK inflation linked bonds and benefit to Australian investors over the past 12 months.

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Chris Cuffe tows-in ex-Macquarie fundies

Fidante's new boutique manager, Lennox Capital Partners, was featured in the Australian Financial Review.

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Market Recap

3 Key Themes

NovaPort Capital discuss the 3 key themes from February 2017 reporting season: Valuation dispersions, the moderation of outperformance, and Resources vs Industrials.

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Australian Property

Are Concerns About Housing Prices Overblown?

Merlon Capital’s Hamish Carlisle shares his thoughts on the Australian housing market.

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Real Estate Online

Value vs Glamour: Real Estate Classifieds

Merlon Capital’s Hamish Carlisle presents the case for Fairfax Media over REA Group

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US Housing

Today's RMBS Opportunity Deconstructed

In an article for Structured Credit Investor, WyeTree’s Judith Sciamma outlines the investment case for US RMBS.

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Alphinity On the Road - Nordic Financials

Australia isn't the only country with a housing problem - Alphinity deep dive into the Nordic financials

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