Partner With Us

As the leading multi-boutique fund manager in Australia, Fidante has a long history of partnering with specialist asset management firms, enabling these talented teams to focus on what they do best: Manage money. 

How Fidante helps you grow faster with a smart partnership

The partnership between Fidante and talented investment professionals is designed to deliver best in class investment results to investors. Our teams of investment management experts across distribution, product & marketing, operations, administration and compliance enable each boutique to focus on doing what they are best at: investment management.

Services offered to Fidante’s specialist asset managers include: 


  • Investment operations
  • Client operations
  • Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Company Secretarial
  • Fund administration


Distribution, Product & Marketing

  • Asset consultant and researcher relationships
  • Strategic positioning
    Product development and management
  • Brand development and marketing support
  • Sales planning and execution
  • Investor relations
  • Client service
  • Responsible entity (Management company)
  • Research publications


Partnership & Equity

  • Equity participation (non-controlling interest)
  • Business planning, budgeting, strategic development, succession planning



New Manager Enquiries

John O'Keeffe
John O'Keeffe
Head of Boutique Strategy & Business Management
Michael Kretschmann
Michael Kretschmann
Boutique Development Specialist
+61 2 9994 7586