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With one of the longest and deepest track records in infrastructure investing, Whitehelm provides customised portfolios of infrastructure assets in a range of structures.

Whitehelm Capital is one of the world's most experienced infrastructure managers - providing customised investment solutions to clients, globally. With over 19 years' experience, Whitehelm has been investing in infrastructure on behalf of clients since 1998. 

Whitehelm focuses on building and managing quality portfolios that deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns. Its investment team brings an independent perspective to investing and advising on sustainable customised client strategies, representing nearly A$5.0 billion in funds under management and A$16.5 billion in funds under advice*.

Whitehelm partners with clients to select and manage customised portfolios of global infrastructure assets matched to client needs. The team has one of the longest track records in infrastructure investing, with experience spanning all phases of the investment lifecycle - from buying, through to managing, and realising assets within a portfolio context.

Whitehelm offers investment solutions across a range of areas including unlisted infrastructure, listed infrastructure, infrastructure debt, emerging markets infrastructure, property and advisory.

For more information, please visit www.whitehelmcapital.com

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*As at 30 June 2017