FME Asset Management

FME Asset Management

A quantitatively driven systematic fund manager with intraday exposure to liquid futures markets.

FME Asset Management is a specialist manager with a fresh and systematic approach to trading. The strategy focuses on a detailed understanding of market mechanics and the mapping of anticipated behaviours, rather than relying purely on price data and trend recognition.

Trade selection (long or short) is based on a unique and diversified data set; through its innovative trading solutions and cutting-edge technology, FME Asset Management analyse large and differentiated data sets based on order books, trade flows and market liquidity. The system capitalises on original opportunities offering investors the potential for performance that is uncorrelated to broader markets or traditional asset classes.

As part of its systematic investment process FME maintains a controlled environment for trading. Bespoke trading algorithms ensure optimal execution and live data is passed through custom built data analysis software to create the FME Asset Management data set.

FME is an experienced manager, with a combined 46+ years’ experience in market making, systematic trading strategies and algorithmic investing. CEO is Julian Barker-Ward and the CIO is Richard Griffiths.