CIP Asset Management


The CIP Asset Management Fixed Income team is a fundamentally driven, active investment manager that adopts a long-term focus. The team aims to provide diversified sources of income by seeking opportunities in both the public and private sectors, whilst maintaining capital stability.


CIP Asset Management (CIPAM) is part of Challenger Limited, which has been committed to providing investment solutions to clients for over 30 years. The Fixed Income business was established in 2005 to manage Challenger Life’s fixed income portfolio, and in 2010 received its first external institutional client mandate. 

The Fixed Income team applies a multi-sector, relative value approach to investing which is designed for institutional investors with a long term investment horizon. Their clients benefit from the experience and market insights that the Fixed Income team has gained through the breadth and scale of its mandates.

The Fixed Income team has a long track record of delivering attractive and sustained risk-adjusted returns which can be attributed to a robust investment process centred on bottom-up fundamental credit analysis, with emphasis on structural protections to mitigate downside risk and avoiding defaults.

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The Fixed Income team’s investment philosophy is that taking a private approach to lending leads to better risk/return outcomes for clients across private and public markets. A private approach means underwriting credit risk as though you will own it – not trade it. It means actively sourcing new opportunities rather than waiting for a bank to call, and engaging with borrowers and arrangers directly to effect structural changes to transactions in order to mitigate downside risks and access better quality information. This approach involves having discipline in understanding and quantifying credit, liquidity, and complexity risk premia.

The Fixed income team takes a multi-strategy approach to credit investing, allowing for a broader opportunity set and avoiding sectors which are mispriced. The team adopts a relative value approach to investing such that cheapness and richness are considered in relative not absolute terms, both across sectors and for individual securities.

Our Team

CIPA Victor Rodriguez 130x125
Victor Rodriguez
Head of Fixed Income
CIPA Pete Robinson 130x125
Pete Robinson
Head of Investment Strategy
CIPA David Hoskins 130x125
David Hoskins
Head of Acquisition Finance
CIPA Gerard Hargraves 130x125
Gerard Hargraves
Head of Real Estate Lending
CIPA Leila Donnachy 130x125
Leila Donnachy
Head of Global ABS & Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Steve Martin 130x125
Stephen Martin
Head of Domestic ABS
CIPA David Bothof 130x125
David Bothof
Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Justin Voller 130x125
Justin Voller
Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Kieran Roane 130x125
Kieran Roane
Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Martin Saunders 130x125
Martin Saunders
Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Michael Bors 130x125
Michael Bors
Senior Portfolio Manager
CIPA Sid Kumar 130x125
Sid Kumar
Senior Portfolio Manager
Simon James
Senior Portfolio Manager
46346 CrisW 130x125
Chris Whitcombe
Senior Portfolio Manager
Admir Husovic
Portfolio Manager
John Jamali
Portfolio Manager
CIPA Matthew Moore 130x125
Matthew Moore
Portfolio Manager
Paulina Ting
Portfolio Manager
Victoria Gao
Portfolio Manager
CIPA Marthinus Strauss 130x125
Marthinus Strauss
Senior Analyst
CIPA Berkerley Liu 130x125
Berkeley Liu
Senior Analyst
CIPA Sybil Tong 130x125
Sybil Tong
Senior Analyst
CIPA Jeff Che 130x125
Jeff Che
Senior Analyst