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Ares Australia Management is an investment manager focused on fixed income (credit) and alternative strategies across private equity and real estate.


Ares Australia Management (AAM) is a strategic joint venture between Ares Management Corporation and Fidante Partners formed in 2019 in order to coordinate the marketing and investment management of investor capital from Australia and New Zealand for Ares’ various Credit, Private Equity and Real Estate strategies. AAM combines Ares’ robust suite of demonstrated investment strategies with Fidante’s broad investor distribution, local fund reporting and back office administration. 


Ares takes both a bottom-up and top-down approach, with a deep focus on disciplined credit selection and active asset rotation, as well as current, and forward looking global macroeconomic and technical factors impacting each sector. Close monitoring of each investment within the Fund provides the basis for making buy, sell and hold decisions. In actively managing the Fund across complementary asset categories, Ares utilises a wide range of tools to impact performance and risk management, with greater opportunity to optimise relative value. Ares seeks to help investors navigate the credit cycle and change risk posture as necessary, which Ares believes affords more opportunity to seek alpha within the Fund.


Ares Global Credit Income Fund  


The Ares Global Credit Income Fund (the Fund) is a diversified multi-sector credit strategy with a focus on providing investors steady monthly income from an actively managed portfolio of fixed income securities.

Ares employs an opportunistic, flexible and untethered global credit investment strategy which seeks to take advantage of relative value opportunities within global credit markets and provide investors with a diversified portfolio of credit assets.

Suits Investors Seeking:

  • To invest over the long term
  • Stable monthly income 
  • Focus on downside protection to minimise the risk of capital loss

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September 2020

Update to buy and sell spreads of the Fund


Ares Australia Management

Benveniste T_130x125
Teiki Benveniste
Head of Ares Australia Management

Ares Portfolio Managers

Ares charlesarduni  130x125px a
Charles Arduini
Partner, Alternative Credit, Ares Management
Ares sethbrufsky 130x125px b
Seth Brufsky
Partner, Co-Head of Global Liquid Credit, Ares Management
Ares samanthamilner130x125px c
Samantha Milner
Partner, Global Liquid Credit, Ares Management
Ares borisokuliar130x125px d
Boris Okuliar
Partner, Co-Head of Global Liquid Credit , Ares Management

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