Proterra Investment Partners

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Proterra Investment Partners is a specialist private equity manager focused on the global food and agribusiness space seeking unique risk/return opportunities for its investors.

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Resonance Asset Management

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Focused on real asset investment funds for institutional investors, Resonance Asset Management specialises in energy, water and waste treatment, and environmental assets.

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Whitehelm Capital

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Whitehelm Capital is a specialist infrastructure manager with an outstanding track record spanning over 23 years.

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FIDA 202104 High Yield curve v2

High Yield Credit: The Case for Staying Overweight (Despite Tight Spreads)

With high yield credit spreads back at reasonably tight levels, the key questions are: How strong is the case for staying overweight credit? How much more can spreads tighten? And, having already tightened considerably in recent months, what might compress them further (or, at least, keep them tight)? Chris Watling from Longview Economics discusses his views. 

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WHIT 202104 fund in focus

How Global Listed Infrastructure Can Protect Your Portfolio From Drawdowns

Whitehelm Capital's Ursula Tonkin explains how the Whitehelm Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund can fit into your portfolio. 

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FIDA 202104 Changing interest rates

How Changing Interest Rate Expectations Affect Asset Classes

Sam Morris from Fidante Partners looks at how changing interest rates affect various asset classes and the impact of inflation expectations on returns. 

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