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Our Sustainable Offering

At Fidante, we believe we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in how that future looks through active ownership and investment activity.

As  part of our committment, we have a dedicated ESG team to help our investment managers to achieve best practice ESG integration within their processes.

When selecting our investment managers, we undertake a detailed selection process which includes an assessment of their ESG commitment and capability.

We seek to partner with investment managers who align with Fidante’s ESG values and are committed to continuous progress in ESG integration. This includes assessment of:

  • ESG pravalence in asset class
  • ESG process
  • ESG beliefts and responsibilities
  • ESG integration in investment decisions
  • Onboarding and Policy creation

Proxy voting is a means by which Fidante’s investment managers are able to demonstrate their interest in the governance practices of companies. By exercising their right to vote, our affiliates can have an influence on the corporate governance of the companies in which they invest.

Fidante follows the PRI Principles on corporate governance and proxy voting.