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17 Jun 24 Insight Alternatives Apollo Global Management

Building Resilience: Selecting the Right Assets for an Alternatives Portfolio

Volatility levels are rising and correlation among asset classes is making traditional portfolio diversification techniques less effective. In this white paper and on-demand class, Apollo discuss how alternative investments can be used to help mitigate volatility, and how investors can make portfolios more resilient by focusing on factors such as cash-flow generation and valuation.


Key Takeaways

  • Traditional portfolio diversification techniques are becoming less effective as correlations among asset classes heighten.
  • Persistent upside risks to inflation and downside risks to growth point to continued market volatility in the remainder of 2024 and beyond.
  • Amid market uncertainty, investors are turning to private assets to diversify portfolios and help manage volatility.
  • But not all alternatives are created equal. Investors can create resilience by targeting assets with certain inherent traits and exposure to specific investment factors.
  • They believe that focusing on cash-flow generating assets at attractive valuations can maximize the volatility-dampening effect of an alternatives portfolio and enhance long-term risk-adjusted potential returns.

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