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Fidante delivers compelling investment opportunities to investors by partnering with specialist asset managers.

As part of the Challenger Limited Group, an ASX-listed investment management firm providing customers with financial security in retirement, we operate a global asset management business encompassing


Fidante Partners  forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to create, support and grow specialist asset management businesses. Our deep experience in asset management, extensive network of investor relationships and solid operational infrastructure enables these teams to focus on what they do bestmanage money.


Fidante Capital  (previously Dexion Capital plc) is a European specialist in originating and supporting alternative asset strategies in a listed fund format. Our team partners with high calibre managers on corporate advisory, research, distribution and market making services, providing investors with efficient, marked-to-market access to alternative investment opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach.

Our Story 

Fidante Partners’ first specialist investment business was formed in 2005. We have since grown to become Australia’s leading multi-boutique asset manager.

In mid-2015, Fidante Partners acquired European alternative investments group, Dexion Capital plc, allowing Fidante’s unique business model to continue to expand. Dexion Capital was subsequently rebranded to Fidante Capital, a division of Fidante Partners.

The acquisition enabled our European business to become a specialist in alternative asset strategies – a key area of investor interest and demand.

Our diverse range of managers span traditional and alternative asset classes; liquid and illiquid. We now have a global platform offering strategies that resonate across institutional, wholesale, family office and retail investor channels.

Our boutique partners have regularly been named in the ‘fastest growing’ managers list in industry surveys in Australia, particularly through their incubation and growth phases.1

Our Success

Fidante Partners by Numbers2

US$39.7 billion

total funds under management


boutique partnerships


office locations 



employees globally

8th largest1

fund manager in Australia

Fidante Capital by Numbers2

US$15.0 billion

total raised in capital markets 

88 + 

transactions in listed sector



retained corporate clients

120 stocks

LSE registered market maker

1 Source: Rainmaker (as at 30 June 2018)
2 As at 31 December 2018


Our Success is Driven By

Proven Business Model
We have the financial resources, know-how and infrastructure to enable investment businesses to grow sustainably for the long term – whether they are starting out with their first client, growing new investment capabilities or channels or considering how to maintain long term value in an established firm.

We understand asset management and enable specialist skills to be nurtured and flourish.

Client Focus
We understand what investors need and want, enabling us to provide considered counsel to our managers in designing and managing investment capabilities to stand the test of time and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

We are an expert in alternative asset strategies as well as traditional markets – this means we remain relevant to investors and managers as market dynamics and the needs of portfolios change over time.

Operating Capabilities
We have strong, institutional-grade operating capabilities with the agility of a small business.

Our Leadership

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Investor Enquiries
Justin Zawoda-Martin
Justin Zawoda-Martin

Head of Fidante Capital
+44 (0) 20 7832 0931

Daniel Balabanoff
Daniel Balabanoff

UK Distribution
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Mike Rumbold
Mike Rumbold

UK Distribution
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Daniel Balabanoff
Hugh Ferrand

Institutional - UK
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Max Bickford
Max Bickford

Institutional – UK
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Ian Brenninkmeijer
Ian Brenninkmeijer

Institutional Business Associate, Nordics
+46 8 1215 1361

Yves Van Langenhove
Yves Van Langenhove

Benelux Distribution - AAMYS*
+32 468 29 08 04

Listed Fund Services Enquiries
Mark Naughton
Mark Naughton

Head of Secondary Markets Trading
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John Armstrong-Denby

Head of Corporate Finance
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New Manager Enquiries
PeterPaul Pardi
PeterPaul Pardi

Head of Fidante Partners, EMEA & North America
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