Fidante Partners

Fidante Partners invests in, and forms long-term alliances with, asset managers to create, grow and support specialist boutique asset management businesses.

Fidante Capital

Fidante Capital provides capital markets services including corporate advisory, research, distribution and market making, and supports the structuring, IPO and ongoing development of closed-end investment companies.


Hype Cycle - Submerging emerging markets

Hype Cycle - Submerging Emerging Markets

As emerging market debt and equity investments continue to see negative returns, we take a closer look at UK and US property which is staging a recovery

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ESG - Does ESG Matter for Asset Allocation?

Fidante explores how to develop a simple framework for integrating ESG factors into the asset allocation decision

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Private Equity - Beware the leverage, my son!

Private Equity - Beware the Leverage, my Son!

Why scepticism surrounding private equity should not scare away investors from the more attractive opportunities in early stage ventures and growth financing


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