Fidante ESG Investing

ESG Investing: Operational Excellence in Real Assets Part 2: The Ownership Phase

In Part Two of a three-part series, we explore the key ESG factors in the ownership lifecycle phase of an asset. We examine the important considerations during the construction phase of an asset, which include the use of construction materials and safety standards. We also look at the factors that are relevant during the usage phase of the asset.
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Whitehelm Capital December 2020 Thought Leadership

The New Energy Economy: A Hydrogen Future?

Whitehelm Capital's latest feature article focuses on the potential role of hydrogen in a new energy economy. Read more
Proterra and Fidante Partnership

Fidante's European Business Partners with Proterra to Provide European Investors Access to the Rapidly Growing Opportunity in Asian Food

Fidante Partners Europe has partnered with Proterra Investment Partners, a leading private equity fund manager focused on the food and agribusiness sectors, to provide European investors with access to Asia’s thriving and resilient food sector. Read more