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Resonance Asset Management

About Resonance

Founded in 2012, Resonance Asset Management (Resonance) invests in sustainable, circular, industrial infrastructure that produces renewable energy, cleans contaminated water and recovers valuable resources. Examples include wind farms, bioenergy plants, water treatment, supply and recycling plants and organic fertilizer recovery systems.

Resonance manages c. US$550m AUM across three fully invested private funds from its offices in London and Hong Kong with investments in the UK, Europe, China, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Resonance is a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI).


Approach Body

Resonance aims to deploy capital in a manner that makes a tangible contribution to the economy as well as generating attractive risk-adjusted returns, by investing in long-term, cash-generative real asset investments that deliver yield and diversification valuable to institutional investors.

Resonance focuses on mid-scale circular economy investments that enable and benefit from the transition to clean energy, preserve and enhance water resources, and deliver sustainable industrial production.


Responsible investment and ESG are at the heart of Resonance’s investment philosophy. Resonance seeks to make investments that make a net positive impact on the local and global environment.

Provides sufficient information, instruction, training, and resources to its staff to ensure they can effectively manage Environmental, Social and Governance matters within their investment activities.
ESG Risk Integration
ESG Risk Integration
Monitor and audit the implementation of the Policy on an on-going basis and ensures that all investments meet high ESG standards.
Sustainable strategies using the UNSDGs
Sustainable strategies using the UNSDGs
Since April 2015, Resonance has been a signatory of the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment.
General Enquiries
1300 721 637 (Within Australia)
+612 8023 5428 (Outside of Australia)

Financial Adviser Enquiries
1300 721 637

Institutional Investors and Asset Consultants

Carly McMullan
Senior Institutional Business Development Manager
+61 403 240 529