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Fixed Income

Kapstream Capital

About Kapstream

Kapstream Capital (Kapstream) was founded on a simple belief; that by removing the constraints inherent in conventional benchmark-relative fixed income portfolio strategies, and by setting absolute return targets and absolute risk limits, portfolios could be constructed using predominantly investment grade assets that more closely met the true requirements of investors in preserving capital and delivering consistent and positive absolute returns. 

Kapstream combines capital preservation techniques with unconstrained portfolio management skills in the pursuit of stable, absolute returns. 


Approach Body

Kapstream adheres to an active and less traditional approach to fixed interest management, one that blends top down macroeconomic outputs with bottom-up security selection. Unlike more mainstream competitors, it is not subject to the same benchmark relative constraints, providing the team with greater scope to incorporate best trade ideas and position the portfolio in response to varying market conditions.


Kapstream believe that factors affecting long-term corporate sustainability, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations should be incorporated within fundamental investment processes. These factors play an increasingly important role in many industries and the investment community’s greater focus on ESG will have an impact on company valuations in the future. The consideration of ESG risks is an important and fully integrated element of Kapstream’s investment process and influences Kapstream’s investment decisions.

Active Engagement
Active Engagement
ESG considerations are incorporated into the decision-making process.
Extensive ESG risk assessment research provided by Sustainalytics and MSCI ESG.
A signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).


Kapstream has built an outstanding team of fixed income specialists with wide-ranging experience across industries, sectors and investment markets. To view the full team, visit Kapstream's website.

Contact Kapstream

General Enquiries
1300 721 637 (Within Australia)
+612 8023 5428 (Outside of Australia)

Financial Adviser Enquiries
1300 721 637

Capital Markets Enquiries

Marino Reginold
Head of Capital Markets
+61 02 9994 7631

Listed Enquiries

Matt Holberton
National Sales Manager, Listed & Alternatives
+613 9947 9419